Mission Statement:

Possibilities for selflessness in the Illuminate community that facilitate educational opportunities for underprivileged students.

Our Vision:

Local organizations have the best practices and knowledge required to create new educational opportunities for students in most need worldwide.

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Summer Internship Summary Video:

About the Founder: Lane Rankin is the founder and CEO of Illuminate Education, the successful educational technology company based in California. Lane started his journey in education teaching math at Grace Yokley Middle School, which kickstarted a lifelong commitment to educator and student success. Over the ensuing years, Lane served as a mentor teacher, department chairperson, district technology coordinator, school site administrator, university professor, and county office administrator. He founded Illuminate Education in 2009.

The Illuminate Internship Program aims to provide underrepresented students with an equal opportunity to discover and excel in meaningful, high-impact careers. Most students don't have a way to visualize themselves in careers that they have no direct connection to; we bridge that gap by giving them an experience that helps them to make informed decisions about whether to pursue a career in technology.