How It Works

Who Applies?

This internship is open for High School students who want to become more opened minded about coding using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Our Internship Program gives underrepresented middle and High School students a chance to work alongside our developers at our headquarters in Irvine, CA.


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What's Next?


"It was a great experience to learn how to code websites and to be able to work in a professional environment. #codingrocks!"
- Santiago

"Coding is not easy, but it is very fun to learn about, just because you are able to use your creativity and build various websites."
- Rosalinda

Take the Course!

After being accepted to the Illuminate internship the students are eligible to take a Web Development course. The Web Development course will take place at a local Community Center or at School. The Web Development course will help you understand coding better and prepare you before attending the internship. In the course the students will be able to learn about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


During the internship the students will be allowed to have a better understanding of coding and will be able to work with mentors. Illuminate Education covers all the cost and will provide transportation if needed. Select students may be eligible to participate in the program more than once, with different responsibilities each time. We sponsor eligible students to go through an introductory web development course which culminates in a 2-5 day working visit at our office. Students go through the entire software development cycle as a team of junior software engineers, from wireframing to pair programming to presenting on release day. At the end of each internship, students will have completed their first project for a portfolio that can be used in future college and job applications. In your week with us you'll develop real world skills, get first hand experience at a tech company, and broaden your future career opportunities.

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